On the topics of future posts

I know I haven’t updated recently, but it’s only due to exhaustion from work. I haven’t had time to think about any of my linguistics studies, so for now I have a couple of draft posts that will reflect 3 months of work, as opposed to the normal 3 hours it takes to write one of my longer posts, such as “Well, I got a Semitic idea from the Glottalic Theory” (which ended up being half-way rewritten the same day despite being published).

I’ve also taken time to read Daniel Everett’s new book, “How Language Began: The story of humanity’s greatest invention“. For anyone who’s familiar with my old work on Qwanqwa Project, I’m highly anti-Chomsky and Everett is one of my biggest inspirations behind my “blank slate” approach to historical linguistics; so this is absolutely awesome. I’ll definitely be making references to the absolutely huge scope of this book’s main topic in my future posts, but what I hope to expand on is:

  • Why Ge’ez phonology is so poorly understood and reconstructed, and what it means for the larger picture for Semitic rconstruction. Basically an expansion of this post.
  • Some revisions to my South Arabian back-migration hypothesis, and what it says about the dynamics of Semitic expansion prior to those of the Bronze Age in the Near East.
  • If I have time, hopefully an expansion on the observations made by EmeKur and how Akkadian could’ve caused a relexification of Sumerian due to sociolinguistic pressure and the possibility that Sumerian-speakers made up perhaps a minority within their own realm of influence. Akkadian bores me to death so this might take longer than usual.

Anyways, this is all I have time for. Selam.